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About Kirk Wakefield

Kirk Wakefield is Executive Director of the S3 Program, publisher & editor of the Baylor S3 Report, author of Team Sports Marketing (www.teamsportsmarketing.com), and is the Edwin W. Streetman Professor of Retail Marketing at Baylor University.

Who is eligible

If you are in the sports & entertainment industry working full-time for a property, agency or brand, we welcome the opportunity for you to write one article for the S3 Report in 2018.

The S3 Report has always been written by the industry for the industry. We are open to our friends at KORE, Legends, Stone Timber River, and the like, to share insights with us. The S3 Report is not a place for consultants or vendors to self-promote.

What to write

These articles will report on how-to-solve current sports & entertainment business problems following the same format:

  1. What is the business problem?
  2. What makes this problem challenging?
  3. Who helped solve the problem?
  4. What was the solution?
  5. Why did it work? What didn’t work?
  6. Conclusion: Any other relevant advice?

Topics include anything that supports or helps drive revenue.

Pictures and quotes from those involved with you are welcome. Expected length is about one type-written page (500 words) which you will type directly into a post on this WordPress site, once we give you a username & password as an author. Past authors are encouraged to write again!

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