The 2012 S3 Board Meeting: In Pictures

About Kirk Wakefield

Kirk Wakefield is Executive Director of the S3 Program, publisher & editor of the Baylor S3 Report, author of Team Sports Marketing (, and is the Edwin W. Streetman Professor of Retail Marketing at Baylor University.

The 2012 S3 Board Meeting kicked off on Tuesday afternoon (October 16) with the Ultimate Sales Panel, led by Murray Cohn from the NBA office. Yes, that’s Haley Hosch, our superstar 2007 S3 graduate.

The Ultimate S3 Sales Panel (2012)

If you’re going to make a good first impression, you have to have a walk-up song.

What's your walk-up song?

S3 majors all learn to have a memorable elevator speech.

The 2012 S3 Banquet

…attracted over 40 executives from dozens of teams and corporate partners. Ian McCaw, Baylor’s Athletic Director, was the guest speaker, explaining five ways the business of NCAA sports are becoming more like professional sports. S3 students spent the night visiting with board members at the tables.

Guest speaker Ian McCaw, Baylor Athletic Director, Dr. Darryl Lehnus & his wife Wanda, and Matt DiFibo.

The John Burnett Show

The Murray Cohn Table

The Bill Moseley & Bill Spicer Table


The Eric Fernandez Table


The Most Executives Table: Dawn Turner, Tyler Epp, George Killebrew, Joe Clark, Flavil Hampsten and S3 Students

The Dan Rosenthal Table

The Most S3 Alumni Table: Bryan Apgar, Drew Mitchell, Mike Vogelaar,and Brian George. Supervised by Mark Smith (Rockets).

The 800-Pound Gorilla Table

The Jon Heidtke Table

 Wednesday’s board meeting included great panels and presentations.

Winners of the AT&T Challenge, Cody Sandhoff, Brian Bauer, Tally Blair, and Olivia Rogers present their sponsorship activation ideas for the Dallas Stars.

Pardon the Sponsor Interruption: Wayne Guymon, Lynda Carrier-Metz, Dawn Turner, and George Killebrew respond to challenging issues with moderator Tyler Epp.

Eric Fernandez moderates the panel on the role of Digital & Social Media Strategy in sports with Brian George, Bill Moseley, and Dave Evans.

In the afternoon, all S3 majors interviewed with teams and corporate partners for summer internships (juniors) and jobs (seniors). Dan Rosenthal of the New York Yankees was a popular stop for students like S3 junior Amy Leinart.

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