• How two brothers made it big in pro sports: Colin Faulkner, Chicago Cubs and Chris Faulkner, Denver Broncos

    Note: In this re-release (first posted April 1, 2013), we congratulate Colin Faulkner, and the 2016 World Champion Chicago Cubs, for catching up to brother Chris Faulkner, whose Denver Broncos won the 2016 Super Bowl. S3 Board Member Spotlight Brothers. Friends. Sports. These three words bind Chris and Colin Faulkner together as one of the(…)

  • Sports Sponsorship & Sales (S3) Newsletter: The Relaunch

    S3 Newsletter May marked the relaunch of the S3 Newsletter–and the next issue could be starring you! Sign-up here to receive each issue via email, as well as to share news, such as: Moving: From one sports/entertainment related position to another Shaking: Promotions, Awards, or Other stupendous feats of possible interest to readers. In in this month’s(…)

  • StubHub Ticket Insights: Changes in Who, How & When People Buy

    In a league of its own StubHub sells a ticket at least once every second. Over 21 million unique highly qualified buyers visit StubHub every month. Last year (2016), StubHub sold over $4.2 billion in tickets. That total essentially places StubHub in a league by itself, comparable to the NBA or Premiere League and more(…)

  • An Internship Model for Sports Sales, Marketing, CRM & Analytics

    After arranging & supervising hundreds of sports internships for the last dozen or so years, Dr. Darryl Lehnus and I devised a system that works well for us. Ideally, partners provide the internship with the same objective of developing and evaluating talent in view of future employment there or elsewhere. Our partners see intern successes(…)

  • Sport Business Analytics: A Review of Harrison & Bukstein’s Book

    Business intelligence is old school. Business analytics is new school. Sport business analytics is finally going to school. In the past decade, interest grew beyond the 100 or so nerds at the first MIT Sports Analytics Conference to  sellout crowds (>3000 geeks and wannabes) today. At the same time, courses and programs have emerged to educate tomorrow’s sports business analysts.(…)

  • Why are internships so important for employers?

    Meaningful Careers Begin With Meaningful Relationships We need meaningful relationships. Young employees thrive or dive on the strength of positive relationships in the workplace. Such important relationships should start well before college students graduate. We spend the bulk of adult life with people at work (see chart). According to research, the top three reasons people(…)

  • How Academic & Professional Partnerships Work: Baylor S3 Pro Day

    If we, will you? In 2003, the Baylor Sports Sponsorship & Sales (S3) program began the day we walked into the San Antonio Spurs offices and asked Russ Bookbinder, “If we did this, would you help?” Darryl Lehnus and I then set out to every other team in Texas asking the same question, getting feedback,(…)

  • 4 Keys to Effective Ticket Pricing

    Leave Emotion at the Door In a scene from the movie Ocean’s Eleven, Rusty (Brad Pitt) is teaching Hollywood actors how to play poker. During his lesson on “how to draw out the bluff,” he asks a player what the first lesson of poker is. The answer: “Leave emotion at the door!” Does that lesson sound(…)