• Selling Experiences Online: Announcing the BAV-S3 4V® Brand Index

    Juniper Research classifies ticketing as one of the primary commerce applications driving eCommerce, estimating over one-fourth of ticket purchases will go mobile in the U.S. by 2020, and over half of ticket purchases outside of the US and Europe to be mobile-based by 2020. Teams like the Portland Trail Blazers renew season tickets via mobile devices(…)

  • A Different Kind of Sports Conference

    We have all been to sports conferences that focus on best practices at work. But, can we be the best at work while also being the best at home? The Daniel Summit focuses on leadership, personal and character development. We don’t have to choose between being the best at home or the best at work. We(…)

  • How the San Antonio Spurs Grow Good People

    Defining Culture Culture is defined as the customs, rituals, and values shared with the members of an organization. You can see it by watching the way people interact every day. Culture is ever evolving. Culture is not something you can necessarily control; but it is something about which you can be purposeful. Management guru Peter(…)

  • How a Team’s Values Can Shape Lives

    HOW THE SPURS’ VALUES SHAPED MY CAREER LIFE Spurs Sports & Entertainment operates its business on a daily basis under the umbrella of three primary values: integrity, success, and caring. The aim is to make every decision while upholding each value. These three values have led to growth not only in my career, but my personal(…)

  • What’s new in S3 for 2016-17?

    April 2016 Newsletter We have big plans for the 2016-17 academic year. Here’s some of what’s in store! Friday, November 4, 2016 S3 Senior Pro Day Texas BBQ on Thursday Night:  S3 Advisory Board members meet the students & network with managers the night before interviews. S3 Senior Interviews All-Day Friday: Managers meet each senior for 10(…)

  • Floor or Front Office: It’s all the same at Spurs Sports & Entertainment

    Values-driven What values drive your organization? What values drive you, personally? If you had to choose one word–one value–to describe what is most important to you, what would it be? Integrity–doing the right thing–is the most important value of the San Antonio Spurs Sports & Entertainment (SS&E) organization. You can’t miss it. The values of the(…)

  • Branding You in the Business of Sports

    Who are you? What separates you from everyone else in your business? How is your brand perceived by others? “Branding you” was the topic of our panel discussion held at the new Foster Campus for Business and Innovation at Baylor University. The audience consisted of students from the Sports Sponsorship & Sales (S3) program as well as(…)