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  • 6 Creative Tips to Build Fan Loyalty

    Loyalty programs have been around now for thirty years. The first were travel programs, created initially by Hal Brierly for companies like American Airlines and Hilton. After three decades, we’ve learned a few things about what works and what doesn’t. One of the things we’ve learned: You don’t need a loyalty program to build loyalty(…)

  • Utilizing LinkedIn for Business Prospecting

    My sales philosophy: Better to go after the big fish than waste time fishing for minnows! Anyone can go to the local watering hole, cast a line, and catch small fish. But if LinkedIn is your fishing pole, businesses will be the big fish you are trying to catch. If 75% of B2B buyers do social media research prior to(…)

  • Execution: 7 Essential Behaviors of Leadership in Sales Management

    What is leadership? Leadership is “organizing a group of people to achieve a common goal.” As a leader, you may or may not have any formal authority. You may be the president of your organization or you may be in an entry level sales position. There are many things that determine your ability to lead,(…)

  • You Got the Job in Sports; Now What?

    You graduated from college. Networked with all the right people. Beat out thousands of other candidates. You landed a job in sports! Now what? With all of the articles out there about what to do to get a job in sports, I thought it would be helpful to share some of the things I have learned(…)

  • Who went where: S3 Graduate & Internship Placement 2015

    Careers in Sports The Baylor Sports Sponsorship & Sales (S3) program graduated 30 students in the 2015 class. Two, Erin O’Neill and Travis Roeder, opted to pursue law degrees at Tulane and Alabama, respectively. We congratulate them and the others in the 2015 class with this slide show highlighting their placements. We offer a special thanks to(…)

  • 9 Ways to Best Use Time to Build Your Sports Career

    The most valuable thing any sports professional can give is time. It doesn’t matter what stage in the career – looking for a job, recent hire at a job, or a seasoned veteran – because how time is spent defines one’s self and, ultimately, one’s career advancement. Time management is often not formally taught in(…)

  • CRM & Sales: Redefining Hustle

    Redefining “Hustle” How do you measure a salesperson’s hustle? From an activity-based and CRM standpoint, is it the number of tracked phone calls, emails, and appointments in a week? What about LinkedIn InMail, Social Media, and text messaging? With the amount of different communication methods available now, does it matter what communication medium salespeople use(…)