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  • Sports Partnerships–not Sponsorships–Make the Investment Work for Your Brand

    It’s not news that traditional advertising reaches fewer people and fails to cut through the ever-increasing noise in our daily lives due to the fragmentation of the media ecosystem and, for those of us willing to admit it, an ever-shortening attention span. A silver lining for marketers is that sports marketing offers a unique opportunity(…)

  • Is it time to update your CRM system?

    How Do You Know it’s Time? Answering these five questions can help you know if it’s time to update your CRM system. Are we fully utilizing our current CRM system? Have we researched new systems? Do we have the budget? Is the new system easy to train? Can we upgrade the system and minimize interruptions in sales?(…)

  • 10 tips to shape your ticket sales career

    Many of the tips I’m about to share I received in the classrooms at Baylor as a student. Others I learned during my time at Spurs Sports and Entertainment.  They helped me grow into management. I hope they help you with your career. Some may seem obvious; but sometimes the most obvious advice is the most overlooked. (…)

  • What Do You Want To Be Known For?

    Is there a difference in work ethic across generations? Some say that work ethic has decreased from Gen X to Gen Y. Others say that it varies by individual and their upbringing. Millennials need to be aware of potential generational biases and even seek to overcompensate in order to prove such theories do not apply to them.(…)

  • Making CRM training tolerable: The 10 Commandments

    One of my favorite sales reps said this to me coming out of a CRM training session a few years ago.  I think it’s the best analogy I’ve ever heard about CRM training. “Going to CRM training is like going to the dentist….no one really looks forward to going, but when you are done, you’re(…)

  • 5 Tips For Managing in a Social Selling Environment

    Does this sound familiar? “Great job Brandon! You made 150 calls today, those will be sure to turn into sales, so keep it up.” “Ryan, wow you set 10 appointments this week leading the way.” “Mark, you were on the phone for 200 minutes today, way to dig in with your prospects!” Whether you are(…)

  • Four Key Strategies to Make Your Sports Career Flourish

    Is your career in ticket sales just starting to catch fire? Or, are you a seasoned veteran or manager feeling as though your career development is becoming stagnant? Either way, I have four strategies which can take your career and personal brand to the next level. I have been very fortunate in my career to(…)