• Three things I’ve learned in starting a new collegiate ticket sales center

    In the last five years, colleges have started outbound ticket sales centers modeled after professional sports. After spending nearly three and a half  years working with the San Francisco 49ers and Legends Premium Sales, I received the opportunity to go back to my alma mater and start an outbound ticket sales center at Baylor University.(…)

  • The Two Keys to Building a Successful Loyalty Program

    Everywhere we turn these days we are constantly reminded about loyalty. Every business seems to have a rewards program or a loyalty program. Case in point, on a recent shopping trip to the mall I made transactions at four stores and bought lunch. Four out of the five stops asked me to sign up for(…)

  • So you want a career in sports? Here are a few tips…

    “What do you want to be when you grow up?” That question crosses everyone’s mind at least once…if not countless times throughout our lives.  It may seem a strange question to ask in an interview, but I ask it every time. We think we know what we want to do for our career as we(…)

  • Why the best teams and brands partner with academics

    Back in the early 1990’s, I started out with my Baseball Almanac contacting major and minor league teams to conduct research. Being at Ole Miss during that time, just an hour south of Memphis, I made quick friends with every pro franchise that came through town–among them the Memphis Chicks, Memphis MadDogs (CFL), Memphis Fire (USBL),(…)

  • Leadership Challenge: Take Time to Develop the Trust Tree

    When a leader at any level transitions to a new role with a new organization, and inherits an existing staff, there are bound to be trust issues between the two parties. To grow the trust tree as a new leader you must follow three steps: Take a personal interest, appreciate unique perspectives, and be vulnerable. When trust(…)

  • Sponsorship Negotiations: The Power of Nice

    Last year a friend recommended a book titled “The Power of Nice,” suggesting it might help in my negotiations. I was surprised by the title, as most negotiation training involves “sticking to your guns” and overpowering the other side. Ron Shapiro, the author, is a very respected sports agent. His book shares how anyone who(…)

  • 7 Ways to Make Sponsorships Fit

    You probably rely on a variety of benefits when pitching a sponsorship opportunity to a prospect, including things like signage options, hospitality opportunities, media exposure, and activation potential. However, have you considered the value of how well your brand “fits” with the prospective partner? What does research tell us? Research we’ve done shows that a(…)