• 4 Keys To Successful Communication

    NRG, the parent company of Reliant Energy, based in Houston sponsors eight NFL teams, as well as the Texas Rangers, Houston Rockets, and the Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo. As a part of sponsoring 8 of the 9 most valuable NFL franchises, we vie to be a relevant part of the football experience while leveraging assets(…)

  • Why the NFL is Lifting the Blackout Rule

    The NFL announced yesterday (3-23-15) that for 2015 they will lift the 30+ year blackout rule.  The blackout rule has been in effect to “protect” season ticket holders.  Teams that couldn’t technically sell out the game 72 hours before kick-off would have the game blacked out in their local markets.  The change for 2015 is(…)

  • How national brands can market to the military

    Establish credibility Have you ever thought about marketing to the military to drive transactions with your brand and expand your customer base? We began with this idea at La Quinta Inns & Suites three years ago.  We started creating a marketing plan, but fortunately decided to first gain some insight from a few companies who(…)

  • Redefining the sports fan

    The sports fan redefined? Are sports fans changing? Recent history and experience suggests they are, for two key reasons: The power of social media enables the fan experience to enhance the future prosperity of sports brands and properties against competing pursuits. The integration of social media with sporting events makes it unlike any other leisure(…)

  • Getting in the game: Removing and replacing the fear of rejection

    Those moments prior to dialing, pulling that door or entering the board room are like stepping in the batter’s box or breaking the huddle. You formulated a semblance of a strategy, thought (or over-thought!) and now you have to execute the play. But what if I whiff? What if the pass is intercepted? What if they say no? A(…)

  • Making CRM What Your Sales Staff Wants

    Get to know your staff No two sales staffs are going to be exactly the same. No two reps on your staff may be the same. In order to achieve the level of acceptance that you want, you have to make the system do what they want. That means getting to know your salespeople. My(…)

  • Selling vs. Telling

    Making the pitch Recently I attended a recruiting meeting with a local college football coach where the goal was to get the high school senior to commit to attend his school.  I agreed to attend the meeting after I was sure that I wasn’t breaking any rules and also because I knew I was going(…)