• Four Key Strategies to Make Your Sports Career Flourish

    Is your career in ticket sales just starting to catch fire? Or, are you a seasoned veteran or manager feeling as though your career development is becoming stagnant? Either way, I have four strategies which can take your career and personal brand to the next level. I have been very fortunate in my career to(…)

  • Network NOW with Sports Business Professionals in your City!

    #SBWeek is this week Networking events are taking place around the world throughout the week of April 13th.  This is a great opportunity to come out and network with other sports business professionals that work or live in your area. All backgrounds are welcome, from those just starting out to industry veterans. The format of the evening(…)

  • How Academia is Working to Meet the Demand for Sales Talent

    Sport management professors often hear from the industry that we aren’t doing enough to identify and cultivate sales talent. I’ve talked to many frustrated sales managers who are disappointed in the ability of sport management programs to deliver sales talent. While we are still behind where we need to be, there is a critical mass(…)

  • Selling Sports: Overcoming the Fear of the Unknown

    What are you afraid of? How many of the people who are reading this has ever been bitten by a snake?  Attacked by a shark while swimming at sea? Despite very few of us encountering such things, we still fear them.  Atychiphobia is defined as the abnormal, unwarranted, and persistent fear of failure.  This specific(…)

  • Eric Sudol’s 3 Lessons From a Career in Sports Sales

    S3 Board Member Spotlight: Eric Sudol, Dallas Cowboys Eric Sudol, the Dallas Cowboys’ Senior Director of Corporate Partnership Sales & Service, has worked for the Cowboys organization for eight seasons. Mr. Sudol completed his undergraduate work at Cornell College, before earning joint masters degrees from Ohio University in Business Administration (MBA) and Sports Administration.  After starting(…)

  • How to get started using Big Data in sports

    Big data requires strategy “Big data” is no longer just a buzz phrase or a passing fad. According to a W.P. Carey School of Business study at Arizona State University, the amount of data accessible for businesses is growing exponentially, with the amount of data doubling every 1.2 years.  Having a plan for this amount of data(…)

  • 4 Keys To Successful Communication

    NRG, the parent company of Reliant Energy, based in Houston sponsors eight NFL teams, as well as the Texas Rangers, Houston Rockets, and the Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo. As a part of sponsoring 8 of the 9 most valuable NFL franchises, we vie to be a relevant part of the football experience while leveraging assets(…)