• Help us help you: How to utilize your marketing team to grow sales

    Successful sales teams build strong relationships. Client relationships are important. Building strong relationships within the company and specifically with the marketing department is also important. Marketers support revenue generating goals by crafting a strong and memorable message, building an effective and integrated promotional plan, and reaching beyond the typical target audience. The sales staff and(…)

  • 8 Tips to Getting Promoted in the Sports Industry

    Managing expectations I get asked all the time what it takes to get promoted in the sports industry. Over the last 15 years the industry has encountered rapid growth, which has provided more professional opportunities and raised expectations for getting promoted faster. When I got my first full-time job with the San Francisco 49ers, I(…)

  • 2015 Baylor S3 Board Meeting in Pictures

    The 2015 Sports Sponsorship & Sales (S3) Board Meeting was held October 20-21 along the banks of the Brazos in beautiful Waco, Texas. With over 80 executives and managers attending and over 40 managers interviewing S3 juniors and seniors for internships and positions, it marked the 12th year of continuous growth for the program. The(…)

  • How to Win Fans Regardless of Team Performance

    Winning is the lone word too many people think will solve every single problem in a sports organization.  Don’t get me wrong; when team performance flourishes most things get better. Personally, I don’t have much experience with such situations. You might call me unlucky, but I consider myself one of the luckiest people. Why? Because I’ve(…)

  • Increase Season Ticket Renewals by Identifying At-Risk Accounts

    Identifying At-Risk Accounts Many factors go into the buying decision whenever customers receive renewal invoices.  Team performance, usage, cost, and value are just a few of the buzz words we hear every year.  The issue is knowing which accounts will bring these up and how to identify them beforehand. Simplifying the renewal process has been one(…)

  • Illustrated CRM: How CRM Process Helps the Sales Process

    Three things will make CRM a great tool for your organization: consistency, ease of use, and documentation of activity. All of these are essential, particularly the last one, if management is going to be able to use CRM effectively. I wanted to share some best practices that I have gathered from my short time in(…)

  • CRM Made Easy: How to Track Account Renewals

    Are you using your CRM system to project final renewal numbers? Are you able to identify accounts that might be harder to renew? The Way We Were In 2012, during my first renewal campaign  with the Houston Astros working with then Director of Season Ticket Services, Alan Latkovic, our “CRM system” was an Excel spreadsheet(…)